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USMC orders another KC-130J Weapons Systems Trainer

February 2, 2005 (by Lockheed Martin) - The U.S. Marine Corps has exercised an option for a second KC-130J Weapons System Trainer (WST) from Lockheed Martin as part of a $73 million contract signed in 2004.

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Under the terms of this contract, the Marine Corps has an option to purchase a total of three KC-130J Weapons System Trainers.

The Weapons System Trainer will support training requirements for aircrews of the KC-130J, a medium-sized transport and tanker used for airlift and aerial refueling operations of both fighter aircraft and helicopters.

"The KC-130J Weapons System Trainer will provide the most realistic simulation training available and give Marine pilots the opportunity to train in a variety of scenarios to hone their skills," said Steven Fleming, Lockheed Martin C-130J Training System director. "This training system will fully prepare the warfighter to fly our aircraft and to support their ultimate goal of mission success."

Currently, the Marine Corps has 33 KC-130s on order of which 15 have been delivered. Design and manufacture of the Weapons System Trainer is part of Lockheed Martin's C-130J Maintenance and Aircrew Training System (JMATS) program. The program provides a comprehensive range of training devices and training support services including aircrew instruction, operations, contractor logistics support and engineering services. Design, manufacture and integration of the Weapons System Trainer has been subcontracted to CAE USA of Tampa, Florida.

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