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    USAF C-130J #98-1356 from 62 AS is seen on the ramp at Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport on November 06, 2020. [Photo by Andrew Hutnyan]
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    Via Ian Oswald
  • 86-0419
    USAF C-130H #86-0419 from 758 AS shows a close up of the nose art as the crew take snaps of local photographers at Glasgows Prestwick Airport on June 13, 2007. [Photo by David Townsend]
  • 86-0416 II
    USAF C-130H #86-0419 from 95 AS seen taxiing at Glasgows Prestwick Airport on April 1, 2009. [Photo by David Townsend]
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    130606 17/08/2011 Prestwick Via Ian Oswald
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    I caught a photo of this awesome plane as he did a low fly by at my farm. ( I swear he saw I was taking photos and came as close as he dared ) Angela Marks
  • 164441 VMGR-452 KAFW 11-20-20 Snyder 33
    VMGR-452's 164441 about to depart Alliance A/P after an overnight stay. Note the new props and paint. 11-20-20, photo by Keith Snyder.