USN and USMC C-130 Photos

  • 070723-F-9616R-110_0_10_1.jpg
    USMC KC-130T 165162 of VMGR-234 from NAS/Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth, Texas competes in the air drop competition for Air Mobility Rodeo 2007 by dropping pallets on targets on July 23, 2007. [USAF photo by Staff Sgt. Richard Rose]
  • c-130.jpg
    USMC KC-130J 166513 photographed on July 19, 2005. [USMC photo]
  • 152.jpg
    USMC VMGR-152 KC-130R 160628 practices short-field landing operations at the Yuma Aux-2 range on January 3, 2005. VMGR-152 is based out of Okinawa, Japan and came to Yuma for desert training. [USMC photo by Cpl. Giovanni Lobello]
  • 352_1.jpg
    USMC KC-130F 150689 sits on the flight line at MCAS Miramar, California on July 17, 2006. [USMC photo by George J. Papastrat]
  • 13464.jpg
    2300th Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules, rolled out September 21, 2006. It is KC-130J 167111 destined for the Marines with VMGR-352. [Lockheed Martin photo]
  • 050126-M-8479B-022.jpg
    USMC KC-130T 165352 from VMGR-452, filled with Iraqi election volunteers takes off in route to the Al Anbar province on January 26, 2005. Marines of the 11th MEU, (SOC), soldiers from Company B, 224th Engineers and one Sailor with Navel Mobile Construction Battalion-7 provided security and operations to process and transport Iraqi election volunteers from Najaf to the Al Anbar province. [USMC photo by Gunnery Sgt Rob K. Blankenship]
  • 060129-M-8084P-064.jpg
    Lance Cpl Andrew Walter of Sellesville, Pennsylvania checks the hoses that are pumping fuel from KC-130R 160628, as he and other Marines from HMM-262 setup a FARP (Forward Arming and Refueling Point) for the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit. This FARP is in support of the 31st MEU's training exercise known as MEUEX. [USMC photo by LCpl. Raymond D. Petersen]
  • 061109-M-Schaafsma-006.jpg
    Two AV-8B Harrier jets from VMA-311 conduct refueling operations with KC-130R 160625 from VMGR-152 off the coast of Okinawa, Japan on November 9, 2006. The Harriers, which recently flew in support of bilateral exercises in the Philippines October 15 ? 31, flew from MCAS Iwakuni to the USS Essex (LHD-2). The squadron, home-stationed from MCAS Yuma, Arizona is currently attached to Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 265 (Reinforced) the aviation combat element of the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit. [USMC photo]
  • 070402-m-9161a-001.jpg
    The first KC-130J in the Pacific arrives at MCAS Futenma on March 31, 2007. Camera date indicates March 29th. The aircraft has six propellers per rotor, two more than the current KC-130, which provides greater speed and power. [USMC photo by Lance Cpl. Juan D. Alfonso]
  • 071014-N-0066L-030.jpg
    USMC C-130J 166513 of VMGR-352 provides simultaneous in-flight refueling to two CH-53E Super Stallions during the Miramar air show on October 14, 2007. Each of Hercules two fuel pods can transfer up to 300 gallons per minute during in-flight refueling. [US Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class George Labidou]
  • 080213-M-3450A-059.jpg
    Old and new, old KC-130F 147573 (closest) flies with new KC-130J 167926 both from VMGR-152 as they convert to the newer type. Photo was taken in Japan near Okinawa on February 13, 2008. [USMC photo by Lance Cpl. Kristofer Atkinson]
  • 080528-M-4937G-059.jpg
    Marine Lance Cpl. Robert Lawrence uses a tractor to transport two Sherpa 2200 parachutes attached to eight-foot platforms to load on KC-130J 165810 for an Air Delivery mission from Asad AB, Iraq on May 28, 2008. [USMC photo by Lance Cpl. Gabriela Garcia]