USN and USMC C-130 Photos

  • DN-ST-93-04583.jpg
    USN C-130T #164998 of VR-48 parked on the flight line on February 27, 1993 at Andrews AFB, Maryland. [USN photo by PH2 Bruce Trombecky]
  • DN-ST-93-04591.jpg
    USMC EC-130R #160240 of VMGR-352 parked on the flight line on April 17, 1993 at Andrews AFB, Maryland. [USN photo by PH2 Bruce Trombecky]
  • DN-ST-93-04592.jpg
    USN C-130T #164994 of VR-48 retracts its landing gear on April 17, 1993 after taking off from Andrews AFB, Maryland. [USN photo by PH2 Bruce Trombecky]
  • 070428-M-3095K-007.jpg
    KC-130J #165809 with VMGR-252, out of MCAS Cherry Point, touches down at Fort Pickett, Virginia during a rapid refueling exercise on April 28, 2007. [USMC photo by Sgt. Ezekiel R. Kitandwe]
  • 070604-M-1145B-016.jpg
    USMC KC-130J #167109 of VMGR-152 sits in front of one of the first KC-130s (#147573) bought by the Marine Corps in 1961. Photo goes with news story on June 8, 2007. [USMC photo]
  • 071004-M-6958N-002__0XP1C.jpg
    Two USMC KC-130J Hercules tanker aircraft (closest 165735) with VMGR-252 fly in a formation over the North Carolina coast October 4, 2007. [USMC photo by Cpl. Christopher Nette]
  • C130-USMC.jpg
    USMC C-130A 55-0046 on loan from the USAF to test air refueling in 1958. The aircraft was modified back to a C-130A and shortly after returned to the USAF. Later it would be modified into an AC-130A.
  • 080501-M-4937G-072.jpg
    USMC Marines load an M1114 Humvee ontoKC-130J 165737 on the flight line at Basra AP, Iraq on May 1, 2008 during Operation Iraqi Freedom. [USMC photo by Lance Cpl. Gabriela Garcia]
  • 070723-F-9899G-032_0_10_1.jpg
    Air Force Airman marshals USMC KC-130T 165162 of VMGR-234 to it's designated location for the start of the Aerial Ports Engine Running On Loads Competition during Air Mobility Rodeo 2007 on July 23, 2007 at McCord AFB, Washington. [USAF photo by Airman 1st Class Nichelle Griffiths]
  • 070724-F-9616R-114_0_10_1.jpg
    USMC C-130J 166765 of VMGR-352 based at MCAS Cherry Point, North Carolina competes in the air drop competition for Air Mobility Rodeo 2007 by dropping pallets on targets on July 24, 2007. [USAF photo by Staff Sgt. Richard Rose]
  • 070718-F-5646S-156.jpg
    USMC KC-130J 166765 of VMGR-352 from MCAS Miramar, California lands at McChord AFB for Rodeo 2007 on July 21, 2007. Rodeo 2007, hosted by Air Mobility Command, is a readiness competition of U.S. and international mobility forces. [USAF photo by Senior Airman Daniel St. Pierre]
  • 070721-F-1556P-099_0_10_1.jpg
    USMC KC-130T 165162 of VMGR-234 from NAS/Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth, Texas taxies into McChord AFB, Washington on July 21, 2007 for Rodeo 2007. [USAF photo by Airman 1st Class Cole Presley]