USAF C-130 Photos

  • 101009-F-1178W-018
    USAF C-130E #62-1792 of the 61st Airlift Squadron demonstrates its capabilities during an exercise with more than 400 paratroopers jumping over the base flightline October 9. Approximately 225,000 guests attended the Thunder Over the Rock air show which had more than five hours of flying demonstrations and more than 40 static displays. [USAF photo by Staff Sgt. Chris Willis]
  • 101009-F-1178W-635
    USAF C-130H #92-0550 of the 50th Airlift Squadron performs a capabilities exercise demonstration during the Thunder Over the Rock air show October 9, 2010. The demonstration is one of 18 appearances at the two-day event. [USAF photo by Staff Sgt. Chris Willis]
  • 100824-F-1178W-045
    Firefighters practice extinguishing a fake fire on C-130E #63-7819 from the 61st AS, with a P-19H fire truck Aug. 24 during a simulated fire response. The fire department has 12 trucks assigned. The P19H is unique because the nozzle can puncture an aircraft and has a 60-foot reach. [USAF photo by Staff Sgt. Chris Willis]
  • 160616-A-HE359-003
    USAF C-130J-30 #04-3142 from 37 AS takes off from the 7th Army Joint Multinational Training Command’s Hohenfels Training Area, Germany, Short Take-Off Landing strip during Exercise Swift Response 16 on June 16, 2016. [U.S. Army photo by Visual Information Specialist Gertrud Zach]
  • 160616-A-WG858-005
    USAF C-130J-30 #08-5726 from 39 AS taxis on a JMRC’s Short Takeoff and Landing Strip while conducting an AirLand operations to establish lodgement during Swift Response 16 training exercise at the Hohenfels Training Area on June 16, 2016. [U.S. Army photo by Spc. Lloyd Villanueva]
  • MP160843-Gen Everhart-5796 Delivery 006 DM
    USAF C-130J-30 #14-5796 on its delivery flight from Lockheed Martins Marietta facility to 61st AS on June 20, 2016. [Lockheed Martin Photography by Andrew McMurtrie]
  • 160620-F-GE514-152
    Gen. Carlton D. Everhart II, AMC commander, departs C-130J-30 #14-5796 prior to an aircraft delivery ceremony at Little Rock AFB, June 20, 2016. Everhart delivered the final C-130J to the 19th Airlift Wing from Lockheed Martin. [USAF photo SrA Harry Brexel]
  • 160412-F-VJ293-968
    U.S. Army Soldiers and NATO service members participate in a personnel drop during Saber Junction 16, April 12, 2016, at Aviano Air Base, Italy. The exercise involved the 173rd Airborne Brigade and 16 allied and European nations conducting land operations in a joint, combined environment and to promote interoperability with participating nations. USAF photo by A1C Cory W. Bush]
  • 160629-F-FF999-001
    The last remaining C-130H of the 440th AW #88-4404 taxis to the runway before departing Pope Army Airfield, for the last time, June 29, 2016. The unit had been located at Pope since 2007, when it moved from its long-time station at General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee. [USAF photo by TSgt. Lewis Beeman]
  • Lockheed C-130E Hercules (L-382), USA - Air Force AN1532343
    USAF C-130E #63-7847 (c/n ) of the 316th TAW based at Langley AFB, Virginia but seen here at Abingdon (ABB), UK - England on September 14, 1973. [photo by Mike Freer - Touchdown-aviation]
  • Lockheed C-130E Hercules (L-382), USA - Air Force AN1590513
    USAF C-130E #63-7880 (c/n ) at Fairford, England on August 16, 1981. [photo by Mike Freer - Touchdown-aviation]
  • 0533
    USAF C-130E #64-0533 of the 37th AS under the 435th TAW based at Rhein Main AB, Germany but seen here in August 1993 at Alconbury, England. [photo by Mike Freer - Touchdown-aviation]