USAF C-130 Photos

  • usaf 87-0128 2014-11-25a
    USAF AC-130U #87-0128 from 4 SOS is seen departing from Nellis AFB on November 25, 2014. [Photo by Bruce Smith]
  • dyess herk in wraparound by f16crewchief-d79j6g1
    USAF C-130H, #74-1662 assigned to the 463d TAW based at Dyess AFB and photographed at Sheppard AFB, Texas in August 1982. [photo by Kevin Patrick]
  • pope herk in sea by f16crewchief-d79j606
    USAF C-130E, #64-0570 assigned to the 317th TAW based at Pope AFB and seen transient at Offutt AFB in August 1982. [photo by Kevin Patrick]
  • selfridge herk in sea by f16crewchief-d79j5kb
    USAF-AFRes HC-130H, #64-14859 assigned to the 305th ARRS, 403d RWRW, based at Selfridge ANGB seen just about to taxi out from the Davis-Monthan AFB transient ramp in April 1983. [photo by Kevin Patrick]
  • pope herk in euro 1 by f16crewchief-d79j4qa
    USAF C-130E, #70-1263 assigned to the 317th TAW based at Pope AFB photographed transient at Luke AFB in February 1990. [photo by Kevin Patrick]
  • DM 73-1590 2014-12-02b
    USAF EC-130H #73-1590 from 43rd ECS is seen coming into land at Nellis AFB on December 2, 2014. [Photo by Bruce Smith]
  • embassy support herk by f16crewchief-d46qv54
    USAF C-130H 73-1597 assigned to the Embassy Flight, 21 TAS, 374 TAW, based at Clark AB, PI and photographed at Osan AB, ROK in January 1989. This aircraft carried no markings at all, but a tail number and US Stars could be applied in sheet metal sheets screwed into the tail and fuselage if needed. It was reported that there were no dataplates on the aircraft or any of the avionics that could identify this aircraft as belonging to the US. [photo by Kevin Patrick]
  • duke field spooky herk by f16crewchief-d46qurt
    USAF MC-130E #64-0565 assigned to the 711th SOS, 919th SOW, based at Duke Field FL (part of the Eglin AFB complex) and seen transient at Kunsan AB, ROK in October 1995. [photo by Kevin Patrick]
  • yakota herk by f16crewchief-d3998dp
    USAF C-130E #63-7819 assigned to the 345 TAS, 316 TAG based at Yakota AB, Japan and seen on the "PSP" ramp as Osan AB, ROK. [photo by Kevin Patrick]
  • third production herk by f16crewchief-d3334l7
    USAF C-130A, #53-3131 (c/n 3003). [photo by Kevin Patrick]
  • Little Rock Herk at AMARC by F16CrewChief
    USAF C-130E, #62-1827 assigned to 62 AS, 314 AW based at Little Rock AFB and seen on the receiving ramp at AMARC. [photo by Kevin Patrick]
  • yakota trash hauler no 1 by f16crewchief-d46hunh
    USAF C-130H, # 74-1682 assigned to the 36 Airlift Squadron, 374 Airlift Wing, based at Yakota AB, Japan and seen in the AMC "Proud" grey scheme at Osan AB, ROK in July 1985. [photo by Kevin Patrick]