USAF C-130 Photos

  • DF-SD-06-04597.jpg
    Officer candidates for the new Iraqi Army, representing different religious and ethnic groups, board USAF C-130E #62-1849 from the 463rd AG, Little Rock AFB, Arkansas on December 29, 2003 for transport to Jordan from the Baghdad International Airport during OIF. [USAF photo by SSGT Reynaldo Ramon]
  • DF-SD-06-04629.jpg
    ?Spirit of Abilene? nose art painted on USAF 317th AG, Dyess AFB, Texas C-130H #74-2132. The 317th AG is visiting McChord AFB, Washington on June 20, 1998 to participate in Rodeo 98, an airlift competition. [USAF photo by TSGT Lance Cheung]
  • DF-SD-06-05710.jpg
    USAF Airman of the 621st Air Mobility Operations Group at McGuire AFB, New Jersey uses hand signals to direct an MC-130 Hercules to follow the FOLLOW ME truck on March 4, 2004 as it taxies on the runway at Port-au-Prince Airport, Haiti. [USAF photo by TSGT Andy Dunaway]
  • DF-SD-06-06926.jpg
    USAF Airmen using a Tunner to offload equipment on March 18, 2004 from C-130H #74-2134 on the flight line at Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. [USAF photo by TSGT Andy Dunaway]
  • DF-SD-06-06966.jpg
    New USAF C-130J #02-0314 taxis into its parking space on March 19, 2004 at Little Rock AFB, Arkansas where an arrival ceremony will take place. This aircraft marks the first of its kind to arrive at Little Rock AFB during a transition from one C-130 Hercules aircraft type to another. [USAF photo by SRA Shellman Katrina]
  • DF-SD-06-06982.jpg
    USAF C-130E #64-18240 in Lisbon, Portugal undergoing scheduled maintenance checks and refurbishment. Photographed here on March 19, 2004 from under the wing of CAF CC-130E #130315. [USAF photo by TSGT Justin D. Pyle]
  • DF-SD-06-07303.jpg
    A group of onlookers are on hand to witness as USAF C-130J #02-0314 taxies into position on March 19, 2004 at its new home at Little Rock AFB, Arkansas. [USAF photo by A1C Vanessa Valentine]
  • DF-SD-06-07304.jpg
    USAF C-130H #93-1040 at Little Rock AFB, Arkansas on March 19, 2004. [cropped from USAF photo A1C Vanessa Valentine]
  • DF-SD-06-13625.jpg
    USAF C-130E #70-1262 from the 41st AS during engine start up on May 11, 2004 during "Large Package Week" at Pope AFB, North Carolina. "Large Package Week" is a joint US Army and USAF airdrop, designed to enhance service cohesiveness. [cropped USAF photo by SSGT Suzanne M. Jenkins]
  • DF-SD-06-14940.jpg
    USAF C-130H #93-1036 from the 463rd AG, Little Rock AFB, Arkansas on the flight line for spectators to see what a Hercules is all about at the 314th AW sponsored Heroes of the Heartland Air show at Little Rock AFB on June 6, 2004. [USAF photo by A1C Jacqueline Hawkins]
  • DF-SD-06-16279.jpg
    The distinctive tail of a USAF EC-130J (#98-1932) on June 23, 2004 as the aircraft sits on the flight line at Middletown, Pennsylvania home of the Pennsylvania ANG, 193rd SOW. [USAF photo by SRA Matt Schwartz]
  • DF-SD-07-00252.jpg
    USAF C-130H #74-1658 at the Arctic Thunder Air Show at Elmendorf AFB, Alaska on June 25, 2004 where personnel from the 210th RQS from Kulis ANGB, Alaska makes their entrance jumping out of a Hercules cargo aircraft from the 517th AS. [USAF photo by SSGT Rhiannon Willard]