ANG C-130 Photos

  • DF-SD-06-02259.jpg
    USAF Crew Chief with the 191st Maintenance Squadron guides C-130E #61-2370 just prior to take off on February 17, 2004. [USAF photo by civilian John S. Swanson]
  • DF-SD-06-02260.jpg
    USAF C-130E #61-2370 sits on the ready ramp of Selfridge ANGB, Michigan on February 17, 2004. [USAF photo by civilian John S. Swanson]
  • DF-SD-06-05727.jpg
    A rainbow is seen above 189th AS C-130E #62-1846 that is parked on the flight line on March 4, 2004 at Gowen Field, Boise, Idaho. [USAF photo by MSGT Tom Gloeckle]
  • DF-SD-06-06249.jpg
    USAF Airmen offload equipment on March 14, 2004 from West Virginia ANG C-130H #94-6701 on the flight line at Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. [USAF photo by TSGT Andy Dunaway]
  • DF-ST-02-04066.jpg
    ANG 185th AS C-130H #78-0812 sits on a ramp in Peru on July 2, 1998 as a rainbow forms behind it. [USAF photo by SSGT Leonard Brakebill]
  • DF-ST-82-08899.jpg
    Left side view of C-130B #58-0742, in line on March 7, 1981 during engine start. The aircraft are from the Air National Guard, involved in Exercise Sentry Cowboy I. [USAF photo by SSGT Ernest H. Sealing]
  • DF-ST-82-08909.jpg
    Troops board an ANG C-130B #58-0751 during exercise Sentry Cowboy I on March 7, 1981 at Gulfport, Mississippi. [USAF photo by SSGT Ernest H. Sealing]
  • DF-ST-83-00311.jpg
    Air Force personnel, wearing white cold weather gear, disembark on March 8, 1982 from C-130E #63-7852 at the start of exercise Cool Snow Hog 82-1. [USAF photo by SSGT Bill Thompson]
  • DF-ST-83-00442.jpg
    Equipment is offloaded from C-130B 59-1529 of the West Virginia ANG in October 1981 at Exercise Reforger 81. The aircraft was eventually retired ten years later by the Kentucky ANG to AMARC on April 30, 1992. [USAF photo by SSGT James Pearson]
  • DF-ST-83-00449.jpg
    Equipment belonging to the 32nd Combat Mobility Hospital is loaded onto C-130B #58-0747 of the West Virginia ANG in October 1981 during Exercise Reforger 81. [USAF photo by SSGT Bill Thompson]
  • DF-SN-83-04102.jpg
    USAF LC-130D #57-0493 of the 139th TAS seen here in August 1980 is one of four that was used in Operation Volant DEW to airlift bulk fuel oil and cargo. This aircraft is now on display at Pima, Arizona. Note that the photo has been edited by the USAF for some reason. [USAF photo]
  • DF-ST-85-04153.jpg
    USAF C-130H #82-0057 parked in front of the 176th TAG hangar on February 28, 1984 at Kulis ANGB, Alaska. The Hercules will be used to transport members of the 144th TAS to Howard AFB, Panama for Operation Volant Oak. [USAF photo by SSGT Jose Hernandez]