Australian and New Zealand C-130 Photos

  • N27002-3
    RNZAF C-130H #NZ7002 of 40 Sqn flies by on May 24, 2009 at CFB Cold Lake, Alberta for exercise Maple Flag. [photo by Frank Ertl]
  • NZ7004
    RNZAF C-130H #NZ7004 is parked in the static at RAF Fairford during RIAT in July of 1995. [Photo by Maurist Even]
  • NZ7003
    RNZAF C-130H #NZ7003 from 40 sqn is parked on the tarmac ready for another flight. [Photo by Marcel van Leeuwen]
  • NZ7005
    RNZAF C-130H #NZ7005 from 40 sqn is strolling past the camera at Ohakea AP on April 3rd, 2004. [RNZAF photo]
  • A97 006 photo provided by Dean Norman
    RAAF C-130H #A97-006 from 37 Sqn noseart "Miss Behavin" as seen on April 6, 2008. [photo provided by Dean Norman]
  • post-6-1261104229
    RAAF C-130H #A97-004 noseart "Rain Maker" taken November 29, 2009. [photo provided by Dean Norman]
  • post-6-1261104093
    RAAF C-130J #A97-442 noseart "High Maintenance" [photo provided by Dean Norman]
  • 20130215adf8178707 214
    The new 'Genie' artwork celebrating the 10th anniversary of C-130 Hercules Operations in the Middle East Area of Operations at Al Minhad AB, UAE as seen on RAAF C-130J #A97-467 on February 15, 2013. [Photo by SGT W. Guthrie, 1st Joint Public Affairs Unit]
  • 20091203raaf8540644 0046
    RAAF C-130J Hercules #A97-467 from 37 Sqn taxis along Bening Field airstrip during Exercise Precision 02/09 December 03, 2009. [Photo by AC Philip Sharpe]
  • 449 - 20090615raaf8526916 0004
    Nose art work on RAAF C-130J #A97-449 taken June 15, 2009. [Australian Defence Imagery]
  • 465 20090219raaf8526919 0008
    Nose art work on RAAF C-130J #A97-465 taken February 19, 2009. [Australian Defence Imagery]
  • 20101007adf8485572 474
    RAAF C-130J #A97-441 from 37 Sqn shows nose art for 'Time Mashine' while Australian defence personnel board a flight way home after supporting Op Pakistan Assist II on October 7, 2010. [Photo by Cpl Zenith King, 1st JPAU]