AMARG / AMARC / MASDC C-130 Photos

  • 62-1818.jpg
    EC-130E #62-1818 seen here in storage on August 30, 2005. [Photo by Philip Kovaric]
  • 62-1818-1.jpg
    EC-130E #62-1818 was retired by the 79th RQS on July 5, 2005. [Photo by Philip Kovaric]
  • 62-1818-3.jpg
    Shortly after its retirement to AMARC, EC-130E #62-1818 had most of its wing removed and is captured here on November 1, 2005 just a few months before the previous photos were taken. [Photo by Philip Kovaric]
  • 61-2643.JPG
    C-130B #61-2643 retired on May 13, 1993 by the 187th AS and photographed here years later on January 28, 2005. [Photo by Philip Kovaric]
  • 62-1822.JPG
    C-130E #62-1822 which has largely been removed of many parts while in storage at AMARC. [Photo by Philip Kovaric]
  • 62-1822_2_.JPG
    C-130E #62-1822 as seen in AMARC on January 28, 2005. [Photo by Philip Kovaric]
  • 62-1825.jpg
    EC-130E #62-1825 seen here stored at AMARC on September 30, 2005. [Photo by Philip Kovaric]
  • 62-1825-2.jpg
    EC-130E #62-1825 which was put into storage on October 2, 2002. [Photo by Philip Kovaric]
  • 62-1825-3.jpg
    EC-130E #62-1825 taken to AMARC on October 2, 2002 by the 42nd ACCS. [Photo by Philip Kovaric]
  • 62-1855.JPG
    USAF C-130E #62-1855 which was sent to storage in AMARC on October 18, 2004 by the 353 SOG and returned to service in January 2005 to the 62nd AS. [Photo by Philip Kovaric]
  • 62-1855-1.JPG
    C-130E #62-1855 as seen in storage on October 20, 2004 shortly after its arrival. [Photo by Philip Kovaric]
  • 62-1855-2.JPG
    C-130E #62-1855 seen here in storage at AMARC but it was returned to active duty in January of 2005. [Photo by Philip Kovaric]