Ireland considering jet fighters

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Government considering purchase of military jet aircraft
The Government is considering the purchase of military jet aircraft that would have the capacity to intercept high-altitude planes and fully police Irish skies.


Earlier this year Maj Gen Ralph James, who retired as head of the Air Corps in 2015, said the State would need about 16 jet fighters with three crews each to implement a full air-defence capability.


A jet programme of this kind would likely cost well in excess of €1 billion. ... -1.4289801

And an explanation from UK Defence Journal about the current situation over Emerald Island's airspace: ... -fighters/

As said above, Ireland lacks aircraft that can climb high enough or go fast enough to intercept Russian aircraft. As a result, Ireland and the UK have an agreement to allow British combat aircraft to overfly the Republic.

If they do pull the trigger on the decision to go with fast jets we'll most likely have another (used) F-16 vs Linköping Unicorn type of standoff at our hands.

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