Rafale Developmental questions

Military aircraft - Post cold war aircraft, including for example B-2, Gripen, F-18E/F Super Hornet, Rafale, and Typhoon.
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Hey flolks, I mostly lurk but decided to post for once.

I was looking for some details on Rafale Tranches. I managed to find some stuff on 3R and 4 which seem to be the latest upgrads but I was looking For info on earlier tranches so I could learn how the hardware and software changed over the years.

Also offtopic but I do have a technical question about the rafale M. That is does it have any sort of FLCS Augmentation like the super hornets MAGIC CARPET to reduce work load when landing on a carrier



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CdG and the Rafale M are equipped with carrier microwave landing system (with recievers on aircraft). The aircraft’s FCS has automated AoA/throttle control in landing mode. The Rafale lands nose high, higher platform AoA than Super hornet.

Don’t think they’re equipped with anything like MAGIC CARPET.

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