Super Etendard mission with Iraqi AF

Cold war, Korea, Vietnam, and Desert Storm - up to and including for example the A-10, F-15, Mirage 200, MiG-29, and F-18.
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flaktrap wrote:Where.. tell us :D

Hi there flaktrap

You will be able to find missions, pictures and artwork of Iraqi Super Etendards here: ... 1717467555





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Although it’s old in some way, I mean the whole discussion, but you guys got some really good info and really misleading ones!
First of all, I’m his only son hence the name (Azhar Kamal Hissein), secondly is the dates which are totally not accurate! Some mentioned the month May, while the real date that he took off from Al Basra airbase (Al Shai’ba) with another pilot also on Super Etendard is in early September (my mother couldn’t recollect the exact date but I can confirm it later from his fellow officers (I’m still in touch with two of them). Third, is the formal statement of our government in September 16th 1984 (the date they formally announced him missing not killed!) they informed my family that he’s gone and that’s all until 1995 when they finally admitted the lost of the jet and they formally (on paper) now consider him as KIA or whatever!
I know that there are some of his close friends are here and I believe that they wouldn’t share the information out of fear for their beloved ones! I lost an uncle back in 2003 when (some militia) came looking for me and confused me with my youngest uncle (we are in somehow identical)! And if those whom I mentioned as his friends are here, they can confirm that there was a huge (I don’t want to call it “cleansing”) campaign to eliminate all former Iraqi Air Force pilots who participated in the Iraq Iranian War.
As for the picture published in the post here, here is the original one attached beside another one months before the incident. I will release all of his photos soon and some of his diaries (he tend to write a lot) just to let people know more of his legacy.

By the way, here is a once considered a REALLY classified piece of info, the names of the other 4 Super Etendard‘s Iraqi pilots:
I’ll state only their first names out of fear on their own safety!!
1- flight leader: Haitham (who flew in the same day with my father)
2- Abid
3- Also Abid
4- Mowafaq
5- Kamal (my father)

With respect and regards.
Dr. Azhar Kamal Al Khazraji
The original photo which is published here
This photo was taken couple months before he was gone

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