Iranian C-130 Crash

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Unread post06 Dec 2005, 15:11

Just heard that an Iranian C-130 has crashed into a block of flats, about 90 people on board that are more than likelly dead.

That's got to be an old fleet of Hercs. Guess I shouldn't be too surprised that some official managed to blame the crash on US embargos, even though if any aircraft in the Iranian fleet was going to be easy to get spares for I'd imagine it would be the Hercs!


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Unread post06 Dec 2005, 16:16

Don't know if that was the cause of the failure though. Could be other things. Off topic: Wing refirb is a big issue here on ours ( yup the H's too now )... so if you don't have a handle on basic health issues and know how to diagnose a problem, spare parts aren't going to help.
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Unread post07 Dec 2005, 04:42

pposedly it killed some people on the ground. too bad
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Unread post07 Dec 2005, 05:16

Remember that C-130 fire plane, wing fell off.
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Unread post07 Dec 2005, 14:44

Exactly what do you mean? :x

Raptorman wrote:Supposedly it killed some people on the ground. too bad
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