Northrop-Loral F-19A Specter

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I know of "F-19A" models being released to the public to confuse communist spy rings during the 1980s, But is it possible this aircraft or somthing like it exists?. Its becouse the design from Monogram models is based on a design by Loral and is also more aircraft-like than the one made by Testors.

Wherever it is real or not, I believe the "F-19A Specter" would be a feasible design for an export air force/naval fighter aircraft that will offer a wide range of capabilities, even for todays technology.

The first image below is the concept by Loral Inc:




Not to forget the very similar beefed up variant of the time, Ideal as either a Mach 3+ capable interceptor/recon platform/strike bomber:





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This concept might just work. I wonder if this would be under a code name, i.e. Aurora...
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What would it have for motors? J85s? The body is so thin in the middle of the wing that hardly anything would fit.

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Subterfuge...Smoke & Mirrors...i.e., "Don't look at what's flying over Tonopah. Look at this model in the box." Get it? :P

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