Restoration - C-130A Parts

Unread postPosted: 27 Apr 2020, 11:58
by nwpmichael
Hello, I should have been here months ago, alot of good conversation about our plane. I am working on a restoration of a C 130A at our museum for a Veterans Memorial in the US, have a rudder that's ugly to say the least, it was shredded in the move from the Smithsonian. Can anybody offer details on parts? I've tried the major players and the cash they want we won't have till next year at least because the museum can't make money closed and with a cancelled airshow. Rough year for volunteer efforts, but we committed to Vets prior to Covid 19 and now we're stalled, fabricator can't work for us yet.

Not looking for a beauty just in once piece and not torqued so bad it can't be re-aligned. Ours is in 3 pieces and structural break almost complete through bottom 3rd. Any help locating or advice.

Thank you

p.s. I searched the rules for this to be a violation and didn't see a problem but if there is let me know please. I really would like to be a part of this site as I crave knowledge about the plane and insight.