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First post.
Was CC, C-130A models 815th Tachikawa Japan 67-70. Flying Jennies. Got my year in country at Cam Ranh Bay.
Making authentic C-130A plastic display models in 1/48, 1/144th. Looking for Vintage A model 360 cockpit layout drawings / pictures. My service time our A models were in SEA CAMO. Also going to do early Silver A's that were at Tachi, Ashiya & Johnson AFB.

Have found Flight manuals / pictures for every model except early A's. A Gunships does not help either. Need plain Jane A's.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank You
Charlie Donath




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Hi Charlie, I'm AFB off the Sino Defense Forum, my Dad flew A-models from Naha AB, Okinawa, from 1960 til 1961 or 1962, they were all aluminum of course, had the smaller radome, and the three bladed props. We were transferred from Pope AFB to Naha AB, and then back to Sewart AFB, Smyrna Tn. (as a result of Grandpa being diagnosed with Lung Cancer,)where my Dad briefly flew C-123s, (which he loathed with a passion), until transitioning into the B model for a brief period, until the school upgraded to the E model!

How's that for a run-on sentence, but my reading primer was the -1 for the A model, only guy in my kindergarten class on Okinawa that knew how to extinguish an engine fire!

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