Oldest C-130 "Iron Horse"

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USAF's Oldest C-130 Hercules "Iron Horse" Has Been Sent To The Boneyard

The C-130 remains the flying backbone of America's combat forces. You need a pallet of crap moved from an air base to a dirt strip? No problem. You need a flying command post? No problem. You need to infiltrate below enemy radar to refuel helicopters in mid air? No problem. In fact, Iron Horse, the USAF's oldest C-130, has done all these things and more in its colorful life.


More at: http://foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com/usafs- ... 1689811797

USAF HC-130P #62-1863 ‘Iron Horse’, readies to depart on March 3, 2015, at Moody AFB. Throughout its career, Iron Horse has flown for over 27,000 hours for multiple missions, starting in the Vietnam War. [USAF photo by A1C Dillian Bamman]
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#62-1863 in a previous life with 42 ACCS as EC-130E

USAF EC-130E #62-1863 from 42 ACCS is seen at Aviano AB on August 19, 1996. [Photo by Diego Bigolin]
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Here's an article on Canadian C-130 work horses:

And this Canadian C-130 passed 45,000 hours:

I hope I linked these correctly. :-)




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Does anyone know if all the Canadian Herks at Abbotsford were broken up?
And are 130307, 130319 and 130327 still flying?

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