C-130 vs Runway Construction

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I saw this on another news forum. Some may have seen this before but I thought it was worth sharing for those haven't seen it.

Here's what happens when you don't properly "NOTAM" an airfield under construction.

A lack of communication over in Iraq.

Last week one C-23 Sherpa flew into a US operated airfield in Iraq during the day and saw there was construction equipment on the runway. Yet there was no NOTAM (notice to airmen). A trench was being dug in the runway, and it was not marked. Its a long runway and they just landed beyond the construction. They filed a safety hazard report that was immediately forwarded to our higher headquarters and to the Air Force wing based here.

Well, it seems the construction continued and still was not marked or NOTAMed or anything. A C-130 landed on the runway the night of the 29th and didn't see the construction. It wound up going through what is now a large pit on the runway. A few pictures are attached. The C-130 was totaled.

There were several injuries to the crew and the few passengers that were on board but luckily nobody was killed. Quite the set of failures somewhere in the system regarding this improper construction and no notifications about it.
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Somebody really screwed the pooch on that one.
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