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Video footage of Spookys in 'Nam is some of the most impressive video to come out of combat anywhere - streams, no, rivers of tracer by night.




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As awesome as the AC-130 is, it is really only meant to be put in low threat zone. If North Korea were to send a bunch of ground troops to invade South Korea, the area would be too hot and dangerous for an AC-130 mission to be practical. With ground forces that strong, anti-air is inevitable.

If we went in, stealth bombers and fighters would be operational way before they send in the Spectre.


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AC-130 is extremely vulnerable. During the first Gulf War, an AC-130 was providing support for advancing U.S. troops and was shot down by a shoulder fired missle. The entire crew was lost.

There are videos on YouTube of an AC-130 attacking terrorists in Afghanistan. You can see the thermal imaging that the crew uses.

One advantage an AC-130 has over other aircraft though is less chance of friendly fire.

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