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Unread postPosted: 21 Nov 2005, 00:38
by VMF-214
This poll isn't accurate, because many of the SkunkWorks achievements will remain in deep secret for large time, maybe they have better things that the SR-71 (sure), the SR-71 is a Legend by Own Right as the P-51 or th B-17.

I agree that the SR-71 was the better product from SW, considering it service, but who knows, if the best plane developed by SW, is a still secret (or not so secret) plane like the Senior Citizen "Aurora", I remember week ago, in some place arround th US, some people reported a UFO, all of these people reported the same thing a very big triangle with some powerfull ligts, when I read the reports (look like a deployment more than testings, due the pattern of the reports), I think inmediately "Ohh yeah, the Kids at SkunksWorks just testing new toys"... :doh:

Unread postPosted: 21 Nov 2005, 02:28
by TC
Yeah, BTW Karim, why didn't you add the T-Bird and the 104 to the Skunk Works list?

The T-Bird outlasted the aircraft it was developed from, and even outlasted jets that it was younger than. I remember when my pops was still in the AF (about a decade before TC was) the big joke was that when the last F-15 goes to the Boneyard, the pilot will fly back in a T-Bird. That didn't quite happen, but it was basically true for the Century Series, and the F-4Cs and Ds...ALL younger than the T-33, a few by over a decade! :shock:

VMF is right, the Blackbird deserves recognition in its own right, but the T-Bird deserves much recognition too. It should've been on this poll.

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