Cold War History - Black Programs (Now Declassified)

Experimental aircraft including -but not limited to- X-planes, from the Bell X-1 to the Su-47
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JR007 wrote:Well let's see, this pic was taken in the back of a Mach 2.5+ capable fighter that is also one of the very aircraft that flew chase during B-2 test hops. This is the second Skunk Works jet she's flown, but be careful kids, she normally wears two Glock .40s and her call sign is "Trouble". So it's declassified, my little sister flew a fighter that was a former B-2 chase plane.…

Hmmm, having worked the B-2 Flight test program and was in charge of maintaining the airspeed calibrations for the chase planes, I don't recall anything other than a Viper flying chase... The Zipper (which is what I assume you are referring to) was only in operation by NASA at that time and they did not chase the B-2.
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That picture is of my little Sister flying in the Zipper and was taken in the back of our CF-104D serial# 104632 which was first registered in the US in 1988 and flying in the spring of 1989. Based out of Mojave she was flying as a civilian aircraft before the “official” first flight of the B-2 on July 17, 1989. Check the FAA records as her N number in those days was N104NL. Our team did not purchase the a/c until 1996. Is my date incorrect for the B-2? From our knowledge NASA was the only F-104 operator in the US from 1984 until 1988. These dates match your Zipper info?

So unless you were aware of every test hop ever made by the B-2, and one of our pilots, retired AF jock, and one of our crew chiefs, are both lying, I’ll stand by the fact that our aircraft flew chase on B-2 test missions.
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