"F-32" ease of ground operation

Unread postPosted: 15 Mar 2014, 21:59
by cantaz
Went on a google image tour of the X-32 design today, and noticed some oddities with the X-32 design that would have seemed detrimental to aircraft servicing if carried over to the F-32.

The design of the weapon bay doors (2-piece, top and bottom hinge), along with the position of the MLGs severely restricts access to the bays. Both the A2A and A2G stains would required some severe diagonal alignment for lugs and umbilical, as opposed to just the A2A station and only slightly tilted on the F-35. It seems there'd be some serious qualification involved to safely and quickly get weapons in there, along with new support equipment. We've seen apparently plain Jane MJ1 load F-35 bays, not sure how feasible that'd be if it were a F-32. Short people would've hated trying to reach those A2G stations.

The completely engine assembly is incredibly long, although that's an engine tech problem. :mrgreen: Still, it'd seem like it'd have cost the X-32 points in terms of shipboard supportability, and costs a lot of internal volume for little return.