Mid-air explosion - What exactly happens here ?

Military aircraft accidents/mishaps.
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Unread post13 Aug 2006, 18:50

I imagine their WTF-ness later however ! One moment, you're nearly crossing the sound barrier thinkin "Dude - that's a job ! :crazypilot: " the next one you're in a huge fireball in the sky without notice :shock: :x
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Unread post13 Aug 2006, 19:24

I must be spending too much time here, getting my quotes fubar'd.
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Unread post13 Aug 2006, 20:11

What gets me is all the geniuses on YouTube who "proclaim" that it has to be a fake video. :roll:
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Good news, the lose the ship is tough but life is too sweet, thanks for the up date, glad they made it out...I love the Tomcat, damn it was way cool, I loved that bird
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c'mon, TC, you cur!

The original Viper P&W was a tuff SOB, and I once landed a Viper with the P&W motor running ...... minus 50 or 60 compressor blades that were either gone or bent beyond usefulness.

'tis true that the GE motors from the J-79 onward had a great reputation for not stalling and being able to wind up really fast. The P&W motors seemed to suffer from stalls and "chugs" more than their GE brethren. OTOH, the Pratts had a reputation fro being able to ingest large amounts of FOD and such without shredding their guts.

As far as the ACES II, I'd take it no matter what jet I was flying or what motor I had.

Gums sez ...
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Unread post15 Aug 2006, 04:55

Heh heh! Sorry Gums, I guess that was my Blk. 30 mentality talking. I love the GEs! Then again, I was around the Eagle too, so I can't complain about the F100. Did the F100-200 suffer from the 'burner hard starts that the early Eagles did?

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Unread post16 Aug 2006, 05:23

"Pratt and Shitney", TC you crack me up... :lmao:

I was out one night with a few of the birds and we were verbally blasting the entire world and we got to talking about suckers and blowers and the P&W tech rep and I were laughing our alphas off about “Pratt and Shitney”... The kid had a great sense of humor! Well this lady bird - O got all belligerent about it... Seems she had the hots for the tech rep.

Moral of the story, if you are out with the T-Birds don’t say "Pratt and Shitney" around the chick officers, so to speak… :roll:
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