Deja Vu: F-15 crashes at Nellis

Military aircraft accidents/mishaps.
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That string at Luke must have really sucked. Not to pick on a bad situation, but damn, there is only so much blood and urine one group of people can give!!! (anyone who's been through an AF accident investigation knows what I mean...)

One good note on Pratts, as much as I dislike them too- we had one that took a bird (turkey vulture, I think) in flight, and the engine barely held together long enough for the pilot to get it on the ground. The backseater wanted to punch (understandably), but the pilot stayed with it. He had popped out twice before, and I guess the AF has a "three times (ejections) you're out" policy regarding flying, so he stayed in that one. They scrapped the jet though (R.I.P 1169- the 'love rocket').




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TC wrote:
grab wrote:Pratt and Shittney F-16's, they had a small problem with augmentors falling off in flight.

Pratt & Shittney. :lol: ROFLMAO!!! I love it. I'll have to remember that for future reference. :wink:

Yeah, the only guys I that I know personally, who have punched out of a Viper all bailed out of "Pratt & Shittney" powered Vipers.

Just remember:
P&W = Plenty of Work
GE = Good Engine

GE engines rule!

Glad to hear the Hornet driver punched out and made it. In that area of Nevada, the only thing he harmed (well, other than the jet) was just a bunch of scrub brush and Joshua trees! :p

Beers and MiGs were made to be pounded!

Look at the records! P&W has a better safety record in the F-16 than GE! No question about, direct from the USAF Safety Center. I don't know what kind of propaganda GE is feeding you guys but look at the facts.


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the pilots are who say the GE is much better. I would trust any squadron pilot who has many hours and experience with both over a safety center report. The deal is, with a GE engine, it runs like a champ, but if it quits, you know you arent going to get it back, and they only quit if something is really wrong with the thing. PW engines like to compressor stall and sputter and flame out, and you have to fight to get it back, but you can get it back. pilots like the no bullshit approach the GE has, they know that they arent getting it back if it quits, and they like that. (among other differences I am very sure)
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