F-18 Shot down by Mig 25 or Mig 31?

Military aircraft accidents/mishaps.
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Radar controllers can make mistakes. During the latter part of the Vietnam War, a radar controller guided two F-4 Phantoms directly in front of two Mig-21s. One of the F-4s was shot down.

I know there is twenty years difference between the two incidents, but it illustrates the point that human error can cause aircraft to be lost.


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Again there is nothing wrong with thinking the source of the shootdown could be a MiG-25........ pre OIF. Post OIF.... they haven't found one swingin dick Iraqi AF guy that has any knowledge at all of a MiG-25 confirmation. So..... there you go.
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Again, I'm with you on this one Elp. However, just ASSUMING for a moment that it did happen; I wonder what the odds are that the Foxbat pilot in question was one of the ones shot down by Larry Pitts and Rick Tollini two days later? Nah...pretty thin, eh? :lol:

Even still, that controller puke in the Hawkeye should've been dealt with harshly. Maybe this is just me, but if I had been his CAG, I would have had his wings, and he'd be the officer equivalent to a deck swab until the soonest COD could come and take his sorry Alpha off of my aircraft carrier. :mad: But again...maybe this is just me.

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