Blue Angel Mishap

Military aircraft accidents/mishaps.
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Unread post02 Dec 2004, 05:55

The Blue Angels lost a jet today (1 Dec). The pilot is ok. He punched out a few miles off Perdido Key Beach, next to NAS Pensacola. No news as to the cause of the crash as of yet. Thankfully, no one was hurt though. More news later.


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Unread post02 Dec 2004, 12:22

Have they lost a Jet between this one and the one they lost in Georgia back in '99 or '00. I don't remember exactly what year it was. I am glad the pilot is okay at least!
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Unread post02 Dec 2004, 17:45

No Class A's or LOA incidents since '99 that I know of.


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Again, how did I miss this one? I've got to get some more caffeine into my system! Glad to hear the pilot's OK!!! Has anyone heard anything more about this one? Any news on what caused the crash?
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