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G-suit glitch caused crash of F-15

By Bruce Rolfsen, Times staff writer

A disconnected valve to a pilot’s G-suit led to the pilot’s accidental ejection and the crash of his F-15C Eagle May 21, an Air Force accident investigation board concluded. In the report released today, the board found that that Lt. Col. Patrick A. Marshall, then commander of the 1st Fighter Squadron, Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla., had no idea the CRU-94/P valve and Combat Edge vest hose had become disconnected from his vest.

The valve became lodged in the right-side ejection seat handle. As Marshall pulled back on the jet’s control stick and turned his head to the right, the valve grabbed at the handle, and started the ejection sequence.

In less than a second, Marshall found himself rocketing away from his plane. He safely parachuted into the water.

The F-15C continued flying for nearly two more minutes before crashing into a marshy area off St. George Island, Fla.

Source: ... 340719.php
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The USAF Test Pilot School does displys at the Edwards AFB airshows. One year they selcted a tub (2-seater) for practice. When the pilot banked the plane 90-right, the flight surgeon in the pit (getting a good deal) leaned into the stick. Plane did an unexpected roll, very low to the ground.

Needless to say, TPS kept all future displays to single seaters...
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A D-model did that several years ago at Carswell/GD. Pilot yanked, rear-seater had his legs back/knees up, his G-suit inflated against the side stick at low altitude and they rolled into the ground. Debris scattered all over a row of B-52s sitting on the alert pads (that should tell you how long ago this was)
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