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Belgian F-16 clips power line in Morocco
December 16, 2010 (by Lieven Dewitte) - Last November, a Belgian F-16 pilot hit a power line in Morocco during a training flight. As a consequence, parts of Morocco and Algeria were cut of from electricity for a while.

so,I have nad news for our belgian friends,the F16BM FB-12,newly updated to M5,was declared written off :cry:
the a/c suffered severe damages even though it managed to come back,the pilot didn´t respect the flight procedures(alt),so he´s in serious troubles now,a disciplinary action is expected.

-leading edges sheared
-part of wing torn.
-fin sheared
-centre pylon sheared
-inlet cut in half horizontally
-wing structure twisted

the plane was partially disassembled and repatriated to Belgium by a C-130.

the victim ... 1180869/L/

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