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Military aircraft accidents/mishaps.
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The T-38 gear up at 2:25 is interesting...those guys egress fast!

The next one of the A-10 (2.45) was a test of new GAU-8 Ammo powder. Seems when firing the cannon the powder residue would be ingested into the engines and one or the other could FOD out. This new stuff was supposed to be different. It was...it killed BOTH engines. As it was a test mission, it had a photo chase assigned which made the the best filmed live ejection ever. The Hog pilot was Rusty Gideon, a future AFMC/DO (and I think permanently grounded after this with bad back), and the chase pilot was Frank Birk, my Boss at the B-2 CTF at Edwards South Base. Col (ret) Birk was later killed testing the German entry into the JPATS competition (Edwards South Base main engineering building is now named the Frank Birk Flight Test Facility or something like that)

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