A-7D Instantaneous Turn Rate?

Cold war, Korea, Vietnam, and Desert Storm - up to and including for example the A-10, F-15, Mirage 200, MiG-29, and F-18.
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Well, those are the first Ps figures I can recall having seen for the A-7D, so yes, that is helpful. Thank you!
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Yes, that A-7F vs A-7D comparsison contains some nuggets.

Particularly the configuration for the SEP bar graph. 6 parent rack mounted MK-82s, no MERS, no TERS or external tanks. That's the way the ANG units were tasked for interdiction, with or without FLIR. And notice how truly low the positive SEP is just cruising along down low.

The thing could drive nails with dumb bombs and defend itself reasonably well, but certainly was no Viper, nor would the A-7F have been.
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It's a comparison of the proposed "Strikefighter" against a basic D model. And it assumes a combat loadout whereas most EM diagrams assume at the most 2 heaters only.
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While going through some old A-7 stuff found this ad for the Strikefighter version.
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A very interesting bird. Yet, USAF couldn't capitalize. They almost never do, especially with robust improvements in existing platforms. No F-15C 2040, no up engined Hornet, etc.. They did develop the F-15E, which to my knowledge was the only time. We have more powerful F-100 variants but they never seem to make their way into the F-15C community. I think it's a crime Saudi F-15SA's fly with much more powerful engines, better sensors etc while our men have to settle for 2nd best.

Yes, I know a lot of that $ is going to procure the F-35. But when your air superiority hangs by such a dangling thread with F-15C's designed in the 1970's, you owe it to the men flying them the best engines, sensors etc

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