Su-22 aborted mission and diversion for alternative target

Cold war, Korea, Vietnam, and Desert Storm - up to and including for example the A-10, F-15, Mirage 200, MiG-29, and F-18.
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The Iraqi AF decided to hit Kharg island oil terminals as early as possible in the war to disable the Iranian war economy ...
In early winter of 1981 an order came from the HQ of the Iraqi AF to perform strike mission on Kharg island oil pump terminals the next day with 4 Su-22 from squadron 5.
The next day the weather was so poor with low clouds , speedy winds , thunder rains with poor visibilty.
The squadron leader asked the AF command to cancel the mission but the AF was determined and request denial for canceling the mission was sent to the squadron at the Wehda AB near Basrah.
Loads : each Su-22 carried 4 1100lb bombs + 2 EFT
Mission : 4 aircrafts took off and headed to Target - The squadron leader at the Base tower had a bad feeling about the mission because of the weather ....
15 min. into mission the formation leader called the squadron leader at base : Sir, weather is so poor and we have to abort ... Low clouds and I can't see anything ahead of me and below but I saw an alternative to the left should I divert ?
Squadron Leader : DIVERT NOW ! ... The squadron leader didn't even ask what is the alternative target which was Bender Mashahar port on the coast of the Persian gulf which took severe hits that day that put him out of work for a while .
All the planes returned to base safely.

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