A Comparison F-14 Versus F-15E In The Fighter Role

Cold war, Korea, Vietnam, and Desert Storm - up to and including for example the A-10, F-15, Mirage 200, MiG-29, and F-18.
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mixelflick wrote:
sferrin wrote:
madrat wrote:F-14 with EFT? Link please.

While it didn't go into production they did look at a CFT for a USAF F-14:


Those CFT's are ugly as hell, and the low drag index of "the tunnel" looks to go away completely with any meaningful load. Good grief. And they did what with the EFT's, moved them to the outer weapons station? More drag, more ugly.

But I had never seen this picture before nor heard of where CFT's would have gone. So I thank you for it...

More specifically, I believe this was a mockup of an F-14 variant optimized for the continental air defense role (think NORAD). Lots of gas for long patrols and loiter time, I assume.

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