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Can BAE Systems' 'wearable cockpit' technology liberate avionics upgrades from the airframe – and open up a new era in human-machine interfaces? ... interface/

That stuff is mind boggling




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Sounds like a great deal -- if it ever gets to be anything more than a concept.

Not sure about the reporting
Meanwhile, cranial sensors assess her neural activity, arousal levels and awareness

arousal levels :doh:
I have to think that's not what he wanted to say.

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Will the arousal levels be fused among pilots in a flight? Could get interesting. :D
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Civilian companies have been releasing portable EFIS for some years now.

One of the first "fully portable cockpit" was the Dynon D1 followed by the Dynon D2 and now the Dynon D3.

Imagine what a military variant could do?

Then plug in some IR camera's, some terrain data, some AWAC's and satellite data receivers, and one can go on and on.

=> => Portable situation awareness and flight path data.

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