Hypothetical Carrier Air Wing

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Unread post18 Dec 2016, 02:48

I think we can all agree that the current composition and size of USN carrier air wings is not ideal. Several mission areas necessary for complete, organic and holistic naval air operations are not really addressed and other are omitted entirely.

And I'm just tired of seeing a ship designed for 90+ aircraft going to sea with 75 or so.

Here is what I would propose using existing and under development/possible air frames either re purposed or modified for carrier and naval operations.

88 Aircraft Total

24 x F-35C Block 3F (A2A/A2G)
26 x F/A-18E/F Block III (A2A/A2G)
08 x EA-18G (EA/EW)
04 x E-2D (ISR/AEW)
08 x MQ-25A (Strike/Tanker)
04 x SV-22E (Anti-Submarine)
04 x HV-22D (Cargo/Transport)
04 x MH-60S (Multi-Mission/Anti-Surface/CSAR)
06 x MH-60R (Multi-Mission/Anti-Surface/Anti-Mine/Submarine)

What do you guys think?
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Unread post11 Jan 2017, 18:51

The Navy long ago saddled itself with an all Hornet air wing/wings.

Everyone thinks the F-18 line is closing soon. Far from it. Hawkeye Hornets, Hornet COD aircraft as well as Super Duper Hornets are all in testing. The latter is a rumored STOVL bird.

I only jest. But perhaps not with Trump in office. No telling what he might do. If nobody schools him on what the F-35 is really capable of, all those Hornet variations might become reality. Or more!

Like the CV-18H dual horizontal/rotary winged Hornet. A two seater, it also doubles (triples?) as a combat capable trainer. Plus with 26 letters in the alphabet and only through G exhausted, plenty of growth capability on the horizon.. :doh:
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Unread post12 Jan 2017, 00:15

All fine with hypothetical money. :wink:
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