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Noteworthy that CHAMP is being expedited on ALCM and that it is intended for deployment with Global Strike Command in support of it's nuclear strike mission.

Not much defail on the AMRAAM successor which will empnasize longer ranbe. But AFAIK PL-15 range is 100km which is already exceeded by AIM-120D. I would have thought that Gen. Hostage's wish for a deeper missile magazine would merit some priority but I see how a longer range missile makes the legacy fleets, in particular, more lethal and survivable. ... ir-416828/

USAF seeks ‘interim’ CHAMP, longer-range air-to-air missiles
he US Air Force plans to introduce Boeing and Raytheon’s “CHAMP” high-power-microwave emitting cruise missile into the combat force on board the 1990s conventional air-launched cruise missile as an “interim capability” while the technology transitions to Lockheed Martin’s JASSM-ER.
Air Combat Command chief Gen Hawk Carlisle says the computer-killing capability, which knocks out electronic equipment with bursts of high-frequency electromagnetic energy, is a “great capability” that will be fielded in small numbers initially with US Global Strike Command – the air force’s nuclear combat force...

In terms of air superiority weapons, Carlisle says the development of next-generation air-to-air missiles is also “an exceptionally high priority”.

Raytheon’s AMRAAM is the current go-to Western weapon for beyond-visual-range air combat, but new long-range missiles being fielded by Russia and China are a significant concern to the Pentagon.

Carlisle says outmatching the Chinese PL-15 air-to-air missile in particular is an “exceedingly high priority”.

“The PL-15 and the range of that missile, we’ve got to be able to out-stick that missile,” he says.

The air force is currently exploring a range of next-generation weapon concepts as it also pursues a sixth-generation fighter aircraft.
"When a fifth-generation fighter meets a fourth-generation fighter—the [latter] dies,”
CSAF Gen. Mark Welsh

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