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Unread post23 Aug 2013, 09:13

With only one gun kill in the storied history of the F-15 Aircraft, and the apparent standoff ranges that are driven by triple digit integrated air defense systems, re-thinking future warfare may be upon them.

I'm sory, but I dont quite understand this statement, what Gun kill was he reffering to? the USAF has never had a Gun kill in the Eagle and if he's talking about the IADF, didn't they have more than 1 during the 1982 lebanon war.

Does he maen that the future holds less dogfight training and to focus more on SEAD training against triple digit IADS?
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Unread post23 Aug 2013, 10:15

There are several avenues for sim training either on the ground or in the air as mentioned by 'popcorn'. There are several threads about these issues and lack of G-forces (probably very minor in the BVR scenario as mentioned by 'popcorn'). What is important is how the 'pack of four' F-35s minimum work together to optimise their situational awareness along with any other supporting assets and how they co-ordinate their mission. The F-35 is the Joint STRIKE Fighter after all. Why not train to the strengths of the F-35 rather than some imagined old school scenario. These issues have been canvassed ad nauseam on this forum. Go read up on these threads about simulation for a starters. Just about every second thread ends up in some bulshite discussion about dogfighting so why not this one - I'll not add to it though - this response is about simulation with/without G forces. The thread below has links to other threads: Go read 'em. BTW the US is being thought of in this thread. Other users of F-35s will have other uses for the F-35 including more toward the fighter spectrum. That is another story altogether.

Live Virtual Constructive technology to revolutionize ACM ... t-nlr.html

I'll guess this little beauty will be available to other aircraft - USAF willing:

JDEWR brings fight to F-16 pilots 22 Aug 2013 by Senior Airman Derek VanHorn
35th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
"8/22/2013 - MISAWA AIR BASE, Japan -- Groundbreaking advancements to F-16 Fighting Falcon warfare training here arrived last week in the form of a Joint Deployable Electronic Warfare Range, or JDEWR.

The JDEWR is a weapon system that provides tactical-level training to participants in live training events. It's implemented as a threat capable of submitting ground threat defenses for bilateral and joint missions and exercises for United States Air Force, Japan Air Self-Defense Force and Navy aircraft stationed here, according to Lt. Col. Kevin Jones, 35th Operations Support Squadron director of operations...."
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Unread post28 Aug 2013, 01:09

Not directly to F-35 for now but an example of how training is evolving. This level of training would have previously required attendance at Red FLag. A good example of pushing the training to where units are actually deployed ... isawa-afb/

Previously, pilots from the 35th Fighter Wing had to fly to Red Flag exercises over at Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska, which has the JDEWR, for realistic training.

The JDEWR will be based at Misawa’s Draughon Range.

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