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C-130 aircraft from Fiscal Year 2004

Found 4 aircraft, displaying 1-4 [Sorted by USAF FY/n]
Aircraft T/V Local S/N AF/Unit Version Date Status Details
04-3142 5558 Delivered: 04-142 C-130J-30 30 Mar 2005 [act] Details
Current: 04-142 USAF 37 AS C-130J-30 28 Jan 2012 [act]
04-3143 5559 Delivered: 04-143 C-130J-30 03 May 2005 [act] Details
Current: 04-143 USAF 41 AS C-130J-30 Feb 2020 [act]
04-3144 5560 Delivered: 04-144 C-130J-30 27 May 2005 [act] Details
Current: 04-144 USAF 41 AS C-130J-30 19 May 2013 [w/o]
04-8153 5561 Delivered: 04-153 C-130J-30 24 Jun 2005 [act] Details
Current: 04-153 USAF 815 AS C-130J-30 Jul 2005 [act]

Abbreviations and symbols:
[act] Active [i/a] Instructional Airframe [sto] Stored (e.g. at AMARG)
[cld] Cancelled Order [msh] Involved in Mishap [w/o] Write-off
[con] Converted [o/o] On Order
[des] Destroyed (drone) [pre] Preserved (museum, gateguard) T/V LM Aero Type/Version (Construction) number
[emb] Embargoed [scr] Scrapped Photo Available

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